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-home page updated
-more market tweeks
Concentrated Attack now returns minimal 2 provinces or all if opponent has less than 3 provinces
Limited Attack now returns half or minimal 5 provinces or all if less than 6 provinces.
Startup protection removed in favor of new scheme...
All user accounts begin under AI control in a startup pool and remain in that state until assigned to new player.
Any AI account violated/attacked is removed from startup pool.
Positions are assigned 1 or more planets. Low province counts will be compensated with credits.
Disruptor setting has no effect and will be removed later.
New disruptor behavior - automatic disruption attempt with maximum necessary output. Max probability of disruption is capped at 85%.
Currently 10 disruptors per provinces needed for max coverage.
-Specify Reaction force composition
-removed disruptor level setting as obsolete
-added atomic firepower to combat value
-improved application page version AUTO-UPDATERS
-fixed a 'packet out of sequence' issue when multiple visitors at site
-Fixed Faction News bug
-swapped home and back button positions
-layout changes
-Enhanced Sliders will now reset with page load
-Fixed Ops cost calculator
-Added flex sizing
-added 3rd level of maps

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