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invasion repulse
though I have never been I would like to know what would
Enemies, other than  colonials and rebels, with sufficient disruptors and available fuel will attempt to disrupt invading enemy carriers. So if you want to block invading carriers, deploy a large amount of Shield troops and set your disruptor output to 100% (for best chance).

Things that affect Carrier disruption...
Shield tech improves disruptor effectiveness.
Effectivity reduced with increased planet size.
Disruption level settings in Military Settings.
Fuel required. Fuel is used per attempt.
Enemies will combine disruption if more than one.
Friends dont disrupt friends.

Effects of disruption...
Carrier invasion force remains in Reserve. Mission Ops points are lost and half carrier fuel is lost regardless of invading force composition.
Enemy disruptor force consume fuel at about 1:1 when set to 100% disruption output level.

Update: specific amount needed for 100% disruption is 10 per province. This number will be a configuration option in future.

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